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Safety & Environment
The proposed project will have environmental benefits as well as minimum impact on land and water resources

Roberts County FWSD No. 1 and Mesa Power, LP are committed to public safety, protection of the environment and will be constructed and operated in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.. To that end, Roberts County FWSD No. 1 and Mesa Power, LP have placed this right-of-way as much as possible within existing utility routes where possible. The right-of-way will parallel existing electric transmission lines and roadways for much of its length to minimize impacts to landowners, communities and the environment. For this project, up to a 250-foot easement will be used.  Additional temporary workspace may be needed at some locations.

Best management practices and other protective measures will be used during and following construction to give landowners active use of their land for farming, ranching and most other current uses.

The wind-generated power transported via the right-of-way will help North Texas comply with federal clean-air rules, and the pipeline will carry surplus water produced from the Ogallala aquifer in the Panhandle to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, where the threat of water shortages grows every year.






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